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RO Scale - Flocon

Flocon Membrane Solutions - BWA Water Additives, a world leader in development of high performance specialty chemical solutions for desalination processes, has introduced "Flocon Membrane Solutions" an extensive range of high performance solutions for s


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Product name
Industrial Use
Floclean MC11
Solid Alkaline cleaner
Floclean MC3
Solid Acid cleaner
Flocon 135
Scale control for severe conditions
Flocon 190
Scale control without interactions with cationic flocculants and coagulants
Flocon 220
Antiscalant for reverse osmosis systems
Flocon 260
Iron and silica scale control
Flocon 885
Phosphorus and nitrogen free, biodegradable antiscalant
Flocon B38
Non-oxidizing biocide
Flocon Plus N
Scale control for seawater applications

  • Phoseon
  • iGM resins
  • Alpha-cure
  • excelitas
  • Hoenle
  • BWA
  • EIT
  • BASF_1

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