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UV PowerMAP and UV MAP Plus (단종)

본 제품은 미국 EIT사에서 더 이상 생산을 하지 않는 제품입니다. 단 제품의 검교정 및 A/S 는 가능합니다.

These profiling and temperature measurement systems travel through a UV system and collect data on peak irradiance (W/cm²) and energy density (J/cm²) as well as temperature. The collected i


UV PowerMAP and UV MAP Plus™ Features

Both instruments feature:
- User adjustable sampling rates from 128 to 2048 samples/second. The faster sample rates ensure high resolution and repeatability even at higher process speeds
- Easy to use PowerView™ software program that displays collected data in graphical and tabular forms. The PowerView™ software allows the user to also compare two different files
- Detachable Optics Head that allows the use of different optics heads with a single Data Collection Unit- (UDC). This feature minimizes downtime during re-calibration and allows a single UDC to use low and high power optics heads. Users that start with a single channel UV MAP Plus™ Optics Head have the ability to upgrade to the four channel UV PowerMAP? as their needs and measurement requirements change.
- Collection and storage of up to one million data points for accurate UV and temperature mapping in your system
- Offset optics allow easy measurement at conveyor edge
- Type J thermocouple records temperatures from 0-500oC
- Low, narrow profile to allow access to most curing applications
- Rugged aluminum chassis and stainless steel case

- Document, measure and maintain the performance of an individual UV system or entire manufacturing line from start to finish
- Document, measure, confirm and maintain the spatial geometry and original design specifications of your UV system. Easily evaluate lamp-bulb configuration and focus, reflector shape, and focus and reflector efficiency
- Compare reflector materials and shapes, wavelengthspecific degradation, and uniformity over time or to other systems
- Easily identify the type of bulb in the system. Compare spectral output, degradation, and uniformity of one or more UV lamps.
- Measure and document substrate temperatures during the cure process to prevent damage to temperature-sensitive materials
- Track and store data for statistical quality control, regulation compliance or historical comparisons
- Print run data to attach to work orders, reports, or quality audits
- Archive measurement data to track system performance over time

  • Phoseon
  • iGM resins
  • Alpha-cure
  • excelitas
  • Hoenle
  • BWA
  • EIT
  • BASF_1

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