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UVASPOT (400 , 1000, 2000)

- 확정성 쉬운 UV 경화장치 (220V 전원 사용)
- 저전압 대비 높은 UV 광도
- 램프 출력 종류 : 400W, 1000W, 2000W
- 램프 종류 : 수은 , 메탈, 갈륨


UVASPOT ? Modular high intensity UV units

UVASPOT ranges are modular high intensity UV units.
They achieve very high uniformity throughout the irradiation field.
Through various lamp and filter configurations, spectra for applications in the range of UVA, UVB, UVC, VIS and blacklight can be produced.
Examples of application

- curing of UV activated polyester resins and pottants (e. g. tanks, boxes, tubes, injection moulding and deep drawn components, repairs to metal and plastic components)
- bonding of glass, plastics and metal with UV curing adhesives (e. g. electronic, fine mechanical and optical components)
- curing of conformal coatings on printed circuit boards
- examination for UV resistance of colours, plastics, lacquers and coatings
- UV irradiation for chemical, biological and pharmaceutical research
- fluorescent examination of materials

  • Phoseon
  • iGM resins
  • Alpha-cure
  • excelitas
  • Hoenle
  • BWA
  • EIT
  • BASF_1

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